Big things always start small. Whether these things are new religions, new forms of arts, new politics parties or new businesses. They all look small at first.

I’ve been thinking a lot between the inflection point. The moment when something small get bigger, and bigger and bigger. Up to the point it looks almost ridiculous if this things didn’t exist before.

Where and when are these inflection point? I came to the realization that these inflection points have lots to do with your first follower.

The question is how do you get the first follower?

  1. different

Whether you are creating a new political party, new business, new religion, you have to do something different.

It means you have to stand out. To stand out you have to be heterodoxical. You need to have to guts and the confidence to do something bold and different in a way that people don’t expect. Go against conventional wisdom.

If they don’t expect it, by definition they will criticize it. And that’s good thing. People will @ at you. You need to resilience and the confidence to stand out and be a lone nuts for as long as it takes to prove them you’re right.

Fosbury jump

  1. Simple things

Doing something differently it’s a prerequisite but it is not enough. You also have to craft something simple, something that’s easy to see, to use or to talk about, and can be explained in very simple terms.

Cubism or Uber pitch.

This is key. Because something simple is easier to mimic than something complex. (Picasso Cubism)

  1. Instructive

This is tricky bc Simple things not necessarily explain by themselves. You have to be instructional. You have to make clear the movements so that others can easily replicate them.

You have to explain others how to follow you.

If there’s something different about what you’re making, it’s simple and you make clear instruction someone will stand out in the crowd and will join you. That’s your first follower.

Now, this is where Picasso failed. He was doing something radically different and simple. But he wouldn’t never bothered himself to explain others what he was doing. Two others did for him.

That’s how people came to appreciate and follow Picasso and made him one of the greatest artists of all time. Cubism would have never existed with our Picasso e Picasso wouldn have never existed without Brauqye and Apollinaire.

Whatever you are building you should be focused on nailing those three things right and finding your first follower.