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A collection of personal notes, memos and other things.


I am Leonardo. I started Plainflow, Type12 and Sametab.

This place is about is about ideas. And the ideas behind those ideas. This place is about descriptions and prescriptions devoted to helping myself develop a better understanding of the world. Everything you will read here wasn't meant to be public.

I read, code or write. Sometimes, design.

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How Caesar’s brain worked

If you studied Roman history, you know that if there was a Hall of Fame for generals, Gaius Julius Caesar would probably be somewhere between the first and fifth position. There are many great proofs of this, but I think there’s one episode above all else.

On Nadal's game

Common wisdom in Tennis tells you Roger Federer is the greatest of all time. While this might actually be true, I always believed there is something more interesting and profound and very under appreciated about Rafalel Nadal’s game.

Small things

Last week, my friend Antonio and I had some fun. We were start to flirting with the idea of building a Chrome extension for Type12. We had no idea where to start. Everything that we could think of, looked quite time-consuming. We never built a chrome extension before. "Maybe we could build this as a start." So, he sent me the link to this Alex's tweet.

Hire people who aren't proven

Hiring is broken on so many different levels, and it starts right there, at the job offer description. It then continues all the way down to the actual interview process. I'd like to unfold here some prescriptions about how I think startups should hire.

iPaaS will be the Abstraction Layer for Customer Experience

What worked a year ago may not work today. What’s working today may no longer work a year from now. In the era of SaaS and digital products, opportunities get saturated, best practices become overused, everything suddenly becomes highly measurable, more predictable, and over optimized. Things that we relied on become less effective over time and its efficiency fades out.

Minimizing the cognitive load in your life

Prescriptions on how I minimize the cognitive load in my life, avoid Zeigarnik effect and keep myself accountable for things.

The Psychological Implications of Customer Experience

A thoughtful provocative analysis on what really means Customer Experience, why it's all but a new idea and why most companies get it wrong. I then delve into the concept using the prospect theory, the customer's subjective value and the probability weighting function.

The Next Generation of SaaS Won’t Optimize for User Engagement

A counter-intuitive post I had in my mind for a while, where I explained my thoughts on the next generation of SaaS products. While today's prevailing wisdom is maximizing user engagement, I argued that this might change very soon and for a lot of SaaS products, engagement/usage will be a lagging metric.

On Social Capital

Social capital shapes the way people behave at work. It’s a system that includes all the behavioral patterns that live in our heads. It’s the human coding the governs the flow of information.

Metrics That Matter

All metrics are shortcuts. When we're faced with uncertainty, we use metrics to break our problem down into simpler, tangible pieces that we can understand. Metrics are simple proxies that allow us to transform difficult questions into empirical, demonstrable ones.

From Asymmetry to Symmetry of Information

Sometimes marketers trick themselves and fall in love odd definitions. You've probably heard that "help is the new selling," as if it's something new. But is it, really? Isn't this what salespeople have been doing since ever? In thinking about this, I've had a chance to think about how the role of sales is changing.

Microservices as a Future Approach to Marketing Tech

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Fosbury effect and the idea of progress

Back in 2011 I read a story about a certain guy that I never heard of before. He was an an high jumper and his name was Richard Fosbury. That story eventually became one of the was the best story I’ve read in 2011.

AI implications on Marketing and Analytics

Big trends are not that hard to spot (they get talked and written about a lot), but they can be strangely hard for large organizations to embrace. We're in the middle of an obvious one right now.

The Modern SaaS Stack and the Unexploited Amount of Data

The SaaS landscape kept evolving fast. New communications channel, new advertising platforms, new ways to talk to your customers, different ways to get new users. Until the moment where each company department adopted its own stack of SaaS products. With such products fragmentations comes data-fragmentation that leads to a massive amount of unexploited data.